Emiway Bantai

Emiway Bantai

Emiway Bantai Biography

The real name of Emiway Bantai is Bilal Shaikh, but he was probably called Shahrukh Shaikh or Emiway. He’s been an amateur boy since childhood. He was a good student during his school days, he used to be a child who didn’t talk much.

One day when he was in 10 class he came to know about rap music and Eminem from his friend Jake Pole and after that Emiway become the fan of Eminem and he also started murmuring the songs of Eminem.

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And after a few days, he sang that song to his friends in the school. Hearing his song was delighted and shocked by all his friends. Everybody was surprised by how he memorized the song? And he asked him the same question.

And Emiway became more interested in rap music from that moment on. Every day he tried to sing Eminem and Lilly Ven’s songs After a while he finished school and went to college. He was appreciated for singing at his college by his friends. His friends and colleagues then encouraged him to write his own songs and release them. Emiway released his first song called “Glint Lock” by following their advice.

Emiway Bantai First Song Glint Lock

Many people liked his song, but at that time he didn’t get as many views as expected. He was still delighted that the people who listened to his songs gave a positive answer. He used to make rape in English at the beginning, but then his father advised him to make rape in Hindi and then he began making rape in Hindi.

He then made and released his next song in Hindi, named “Aur Bantai.” And many people liked the “Aur Bantai” song, and yet many people liked it in 2019, and this song has more than 2 million views.

Emiway Bantai First Hindi Song Aur Bantai

Keeping this in mind, he aimed to carry out his rapping career. Then Emiway never looks back in his life and made many more songs and started uploading them to YouTube, which eventually became viral and gained a lot of fame.

And Emiway currently has his own studio called “Bantai The Studio.”

Some Other Additional Facts About Emiway Bantai

Emiway comes from an orthodox Muslim family of the middle class with roots in Karnataka.

He was good at studies until the 10th standard, but when he reached the 11th standard, his focus shifted to rap. In addition, in the 12th standard, he failed, after which he suffered depression.

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He wanted to be a doctor.

From the combination of the names of Eminem and Lil Wayne, that is Emi + Way, he took his stage name “Emiway.”

In his early days as a rapper, he worked as an assistant in the “Hard Rock Cafe” to earn money to make rap music without his family support. By the way, it was the same place where, a few years later, he received the Radio City Freedom Award.

His much – needed breakthrough came nearly two years later, in 2017, when he worked on the song “#Sadak” with Raftaar.

He had a diss war with Raftaar in 2018. Everything began when Raftaar questioned his ability as a rapper. Emiway replied to this with a diss track entitled “Samajh Mein Aaya Kya,” in response to which Raftaar released a song entitled “Sheik Chilli,” to which Emiway replied with the song “Giraftaar.”